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As an employer you are legally required to register with HMRC and operate a PAYE scheme on your nanny’s behalf. You are responsible for collecting tax and national insurance from your nanny’s salary.

Nannies are employed by an employer and cannot be self-employed as they do not meet the HMRC’s criteria for self-employment. As the employer you are responsible for declaring your nanny’s tax and salary if you fail to do this, it is you that will be pursued for payment and not your nanny.

National insurance contributions need to be declared as this contributes towards entitlements such as the state pension, maternity pay and unemployment benefits. It is not only illegal not to declare your nannies NI contributions but it also affects these rights. SET Accountants Limited offers all clients a friendly and reliable service, freeing them to concentrate on their own business or family lives.

A payroll service is offered by Set Accountants Limited. This is run by the founder of Home Star Childcare who is a fully qualified accountant. After working as a qualified accountant for over 10 years, it was a natural progression to offer payroll services to our customers as our aim is to "assist families with children to have as stress free a life as possible whilst raising children.


All fees are dependent on how many employees you have and your payroll requirements, so please contact SET Accountants Limited for a free no obligation quote and our pricing structure details.

Nanny Numbers from SET Accountants Limited is a Pay-As-You-Go Nanny Payroll Service. There is no annual fee to pay upfront so it is ideal for short-term placements or parents who do not commit to paying a lump sum.

The weekly payroll fee is £15 and monthly is £20. This includes HMRC registration and correspondence, payslips and reports, RTI submissions and payroll advice. I offer commission to nanny agencies at a rate of £5 per month for up to 4 months, on every new client they recommend.

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