Description of a nanny’s role

Overall purpose:

To look after the child(ren) and to ensure that all their emotional & physical needs are met whilst they are in your care.

Key Responsibilities:

To feed the children fresh and nutritious food, taking into account any potential or existing allergies. Ensure they have a balanced diet.

To wash, iron and mend the children’s clothes.

To change and wash the children’s bedding and towels when necessary.

To organize stimulating activities for the children, e.g. appropriate playgroups, visits to friends, outings to places of interest.

To ensure that the children get plenty of exercise and fresh air. Under close supervision when in the garden or the park.

To keep the kitchen, nursery and bathroom tidy, and clear items away after use.

To plan menus for the week ahead and prepare a weekly shopping list for your and the children’s food.

To create a happy and relaxed environment around the children. To be loving and kind but also firm when required. To make them feel secure at all times.

To take the children to the doctor/hospital when they are sick. To visit the dentist when necessary. To get their prescriptions and to ensure that they take their medication.

To be responsible for the weekly float. To purchase food or clothing for the children as required.

To report all accidents and breakages to us as soon as possible, however minor.

To inform the parent/s at the end of each day about how the child/children have been and other relevant issues. To review how the job is going and provide them with open and honest feedback on a regular basis.

Description of a nanny’s role

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